Amelia's Open Source Projects

Hey, I'm Amelia May Johnson! I'm an intermediate-level programmer who focuses mostly on web design — although I do some Python projects too! This is a catalogue of my open source projects here on GitHub.

Political Quizes

I'm a big fan of political quizzes! They ain't very accurate, but they can help point you in the right direction.

Third Parties Quiz

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A short quiz that ranks your agreement with various American third parties. This is only meant as a tool to promote awareness of alternatives to the Democratic-Republican establishment. There's a list of party platforms at the bottom.


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A now discontinued fork of 8values (it doesn't show up as a fork because I used to host it on GitLab) that attempts to plot you on various political axes and match you with an ideology. It's tailored to the political environment of the US, but non-Americans can take the test too! I've stopped working on it, so it has some unsolved problems.


Sometimes I'll make terrible games...

The Forest

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A uniquely named HTML5 game in which you try to survive as long as you can, drinking water from the nearby pond, picking and growing wild berries to fend off hunger, and harvesting wood to burn for warmth. It's basic and simple, as games should be (hot take).


I like making tools: websites, programs, and libraries, to help others do certain tasks, such as count how many files are in a directory!


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I needed to count how many files where in a folder, but since I didn't want to do it by hand (there where aroudn twenty of them): I wrote a little Pythom script to do it for me! It's light-weight and easy to use — assuming you have Python3 installed on your computer. Thanks to Dio for helping out.

Hierarchy of Things

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An alternative to tier maker that doesn't require an account. It's simple, doesn't track you, has no ads, and can be easily customized! Furthermore, it isn't just a clone — that would get me sued — but rather a distinct competitor with a unique style and its own features.


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A simple library that helps out with drawing shapes and text to the canvas! I use it in my other projects, like The Forest, and it might come in handy for you too!